From AwesomeCon

From AwesomeCon


The Raid 2 tonight and Under the Skin tomorrow! Cannot wait!

My two favorite movies of the year!

Just remember… if you have that awkward family moment at Easter just say “Look, The Pie!”

Orange Is The New Black - Jungle Trailer 


I watched Under the Skin over the weekend, loved it as much or more than I expected and keep returning to this piece of music. It fits perfectly in the movie and has that quality where, when you aren’t listening to it, you can remember that it’s beautiful and weird-sounding and everything, but you can’t actually remember what it sounds like. It would be interesting to listen to in the context of the soundtrack album, where it’s probably preceded by a bunch of drones, ambient pieces and clicks. And then there’s this thing. Incredible.

The music was sooo unsettling. I left feeling very uncomfortable. At the same time I loved the movie. 


First movie to FREAK me out in a long time. Soooo disturbing and very well done.


I think I’ve posted this before but whatever IT’S BACK

Yep and I still love this movie. 

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Can’t you see that you’re not making Christianity better, you’re just making Rock ‘N’ Roll worse…
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