Debating which Final Fantasy is the best with friends right now…

I think Final Fantasy 3 for SNES is the best overall. 

Final Fantasy 7 is a VERY close second. Easily one of the greatest games ever!

Final Fantasy 11 online comes after that for me. I played that for 2 full years with friends and loved it.

Final Fantasy 12 after that. That game wasn’t perfect but it was solid.

Final Fantasy 9 was a straight up good RPG but not an amazing FF game.

I really didn’t like 8 or 10. I didn’t like it when it went to j-pop character design. Also the voice acting in 10 was HORRIBLE. Neither had really good stories either.

I won’t even mention 13 because I didn’t play it.

Which were your favorites. Reblog and let us know! 

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