Coming Soon to Amazon Prime: Hunger Games and the Avengers

Thanks to a deal struck with Epix, Amazon Prime is now home to a crop of new releases available now (and in the near future), including The Hunger Games, Thor, The Avengers, and Super 8, along with Iron Man 2 and True Grit. That brings Amazon Prime’s catalog up to 25,000 streaming selections in all (if you count TV episodes individually). Why not start watching now? [Amazon]

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Ben Kingsley cast as the big bad villain in Iron Man 3

The trades are buzzing that Sir Ben Kingsley has been cast as the big bad in Iron Man 3. He’s not playing the Mandarin, but we’re pretty excited, as this recent casting news solidifies rumors that Iron Man 3 will be based around Warren Ellis’ Extremis run.

According to Variety:

Ben Kingsley is in final talks to play the villain in IRON MAN 3, but fans of the comicbook character will be disappointed to learn he won’t take on original Tony Stark archenemy the Mandarin… Instead, Kingsley’s character is involved in the spread of a virus through nanobots, given that IRON MAN 3 is loosely based on Warren Ellis’ six-issue “Extremis” comicbook series first published in 2005. That arc - which also heavily influenced the first Iron Man pic - introduced a new origin story and focused heavily on nanotechnology. -

Nanotech! The Extremis line has a lot of potential, even if the Mandarin did have some exceedingly chic accessoriesIron Man 3 is scheduled to open in theaters on May 3, 2013.">