Valiant Hearts: The Great War - Coming to Playstation Network, XBLA, and PC June 24th. 

I really want to play this!

The prices now…

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Amazing Playstation 4 Commercial!

So many memories! I bought a playstation one RIGHT AFTER seeing the TV commercial for Final Fantasy 7!

Watch the New Metal Gear Solid V Demo for Yourself

Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc

Wow going through some old emails I found some pictures from Final Fantasy XI Online that I used to play the hell out of back in the day. My name was Magnis and I was on the TITAN server. That was a great game!

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100 Things you didn’t know about FF7

One of my all time favorite RPG’s!What are yours?

One of my all time favorite RPG’s!

What are yours?">