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The Avengers

Thor star Chris Hemsworth says the movie starts shooting very soon, although he won’t be there immediately:

The film starts shooting in a couple of weeks, and then I come on after the Thor press tour, which is around sort of the beginning of May. That’s when I enter the scene.

He also explained that The Avengers will feature some more hammer use than what we see in Thor:

Yeah, it’s a new team of stunt guys and we’re taking it to the next level and probably getting a little more technical with the technique of using the hammer, and incorporating some sort of broadsword techniques.


According to a person who is supposedly an inside source at NASA, The Avengers will film at Sandusky, Ohio’s John Glenn Space Power Facility. Among other things, the facility has a massive vacuum chamber that’s over 122 feet high and 100 feet in diameter, which might be the most obvious thing a film crew would be interested in. That said, this is all just hearsay until we hear something more substantial. [ComicBookMovie]

Marc Ruffalo detailed the final preparation before filming stars:

We have to get the script. We’ve been working on the script, which has been fun. I’ve lost 15 pounds. They don’t want me all ripped up, but they want me to be lean and mean. It’s about trying to get the psychology of somebody who knows, at any moment, they could literally tear the roof off of wherever they are and trying to bring something real to that and totally fantastic. I’ve been working with Joss Whedon on the script, with the rest of the cast, and we start rehearsals soon. Hopefully, we’ll have the mother of all comic book movies for you soon.



Chris Hemsworth described what he has seen in the early cuts and what should show up in the finished film:

I saw an early cut, but… everything that we started out trying to achieve in the script … most of it is in there. Anything that’s not is just brief sort of moments that you would remove to move the story along quicker or what have you. Now the general outline is still the same and I was hugely impressed. In an early unfinished cut, I was still able to be swept away as an audience member and enjoy the film. It’s not only incredibly impressive in the Asgardian world – the universe they’ve created and the costumes – but also the earthbound stuff. There’s a human, relatable story there and a real sense of humor to it, too.


Star Trek 2

Co-writer Roberto Orci offered perhaps the most cryptic quote imaginable on who - or what- the villain of the next film will be. When asked to respond to a rumor that the villain first appeared in the original show’s first season, Orci replied:

I don’t think so. We have talked about the villain may be a person, or it may be a concept. We don’t know yet – or nobody knows yet, but us.

He also offered this explanation as to how he and partner Alex Kurtzman approach writing their scripts. He does mention Klingons in passing, but it just reads as a throwaway reference:

You start to learn what works and what doesn’t work from before, but every time you go out there, it’s the same blank page, and it’s the same horrible process. But in all of the genre stuff we do, we always say, what is the little theme that would be an independent movie if you didn’t have robots or space ships or Klingons? And if you have that story, then maybe you’re on the right track. In Star Trek, it’s a brotherhood of opposites that have to come together. In Transformers, it’s a kid growing up to adulthood. In [Cowboys and Aliens], we wanted to make sure we found the same kind of character starting place that allows everything else to happen around it.


Superman Reboot

Howard Stern of all people has reportedly said that auditions are currently under way for Lex Luthor and Miss Teschmacher, Luthor’s not particularly bright assistant who appeared inSuperman: The Movie and Superman II. As Superman rumors go, this all seems about as credible as those silly Lindsay Lohan rumors, so I’d remain highly skeptical until we hear something more substantial. [ComicBookMovie]

The Hobbit

Orlando Bloom said he is indeed likely to return as Legolas:

Yeah, it’s looking like that. I’m really excited about going to see Pete [Jackson] again. It’s still a little up in the air, but the idea of working with Pete is fantastic. I can’t actually really talk too much about it, at this point. I just was given the script to piece through, so it’s quite exciting.


The Crow

The new Crow movie, which once reportedly involved the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Nick Cave, and Blade director Stephen Norrington but has since started over completely, is reportedly bringing in 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresadillo. The movie is supposedly set for a fall start date, but no writer is currently attached to the project, so I’m guessing that’s a little on the optimistic side. [IGN]

Red Dawn

Chris Hemsworth also discussed his work in MGM’s long-delayed remake, saying the recent decision to change the enemy from China to North Korea won’t make much difference at all in terms of the story:

It was always pretty vague even when we were shooting. They kind of never mentioned who it was anyway. It wasn’t heavily suggested, so I think it was an easy technical fix for them whether they do it with a little CGI or the occasional voice-over line. But the Russians were in there, maybe the Chinese and they mention someone else, so it just wasn’t really the focus. It wasn’t really a political take on anything. It could’ve been the Australians for all we cared. I guess MGM have their reasons for doing it, but we as the actors were never really involved with it.


True Blood

Episode nine will reportedly be called “Run.” [SpoilerTV]


The CW has released a first cryptic promo for the finale, which features some very familiar music by John Williams. [KSiteTV]



I’ve read the script for MGM’s Red Dawn remake, and let me tell you, probably the least offensive thing about it is the fact that the bad guys are Chinese.  Offensive to your intelligence, anyway.  In any case, because we’re all old, drippy nightgown-covered vaginas nowadays, MGM is changing the bad guys in the movie from Chinese to North Korean, thereby excising any element of integrity from the original, which was a pretty crappy movie to begin with.

Without Beijing even uttering a critical word, MGM is changing the villains in its ‘Red Dawn’ remake from Chinese to North Korean.

When MGM decided a few years ago to remake “Red Dawn,” a 1984 Cold War drama about a bunch of American farm kids repelling a Soviet invasion, the studio needed new villains, since the U.S.S.R. had collapsed in 1991. The producers substituted Chinese aggressors for the Soviets and filmed the movie in Michigan in 2009.

But potential distributors are nervous about becoming associated with the finished film, concerned that doing so would harm their ability to do business with the rising Asian superpower, one of the fastest-growing and potentially most lucrative markets for American movies, not to mention other U.S. products.

As a result, the filmmakers now are digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols from “Red Dawn,” substituting dialogue and altering the film to depict much of the invading force as being from North Korea, an isolated country where American media companies have no dollars at stake.

People close to the picture said the changes will cost less than $1 million and involve changing an opening sequence summarizing the story’s fictional backdrop, re-editing two scenes and using digital technology to transform many Chinese symbols to Korean. It’s impossible to eliminate all references to China, the people said, though the changes will give North Korea a much larger role in the coalition that invades the U.S. [LA Times]



Here we have the first shot of the full cast of the Red Dawn remake (thanks to DailyBlam). Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and The Wackness’s Josh Peck play the Eckert-brother roles Charlie Sheen and Patrick Swayze played in the original.  Rounding out the cast are Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Edwin Hodge, Alyssa Diaz, and– What! No Asian chick!?  That does it, I’m calling my congressman. …Congressperson.

original-red-dawn-castNow that MGM seems to have their financial troubles worked out, the plan is to get this one released this year.  Making his directing debut is veteran stunt man Dan Bradley, second unit director on Green ZoneQuantum of Solace, the Bourne movies, Indiana Jones 4, etc.  This time around, the Chinese have invaded Spokane, and the script I saw was prettay, prettay cheeseball.  Er, I mean “faithful to the original.”

The original, released in 1984, written and directed byinfamous hippie-hater John Milius (who inspired the Walter Sobchek character in Big Lebowski), was considered the most violent movie of its time with 134 acts of violence per hour, and was named the 15th best conservative movie of all time by the National Review.  As contemporized for modern conservatives, I’m surprised the remake doesn’t feature an invasion by Mexico.  Sure, Mexico might not have as many tanks, but have you seen how many soldiers they can pack into them?