Xenogears Orchestral Music - Faraway Promise - Piano Version -

I just started playing this again tonight. I’ve only beat it twice. Been a very long time. 

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I’ve started Final Fantasy 3


Wee fun, here we go!
— Shoe 

Easily one of the best rpg’s ever! Xenogears being my #1

Xenogears Part 1: The Alpha Playthrough

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Did you know that Xenogears was originally pitched as the story for FF7 but they chose not to go with it because the story was too dark.

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Watching Mad Men and playing xenogears!

What to play…

What to play…

Got the Old PS2 hooked up!

Going to play some Xenogears!

Let the saga take you.

Soooo terrible. Didn’t come anywhere close to Xenogears. Basically as bad as the Star Wars prequels…