Preview pages from the first epic issue!

"Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla" written by John Reilly, pencils by Tom Rogers, and inks and colors by Dexter Weeks. Published by Action Lab Entertainment! Variant cover for issue #1 by Colin Dyer

Nikola Tesla and HP Lovecraft must team up to save Amelia Earhart and the world from the interdimensional beast, Cthulhu. Available on Comixology Oct 1, 2014, in comic shops Dec 24, 2014! 

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reg. cover: OCT140952
variant cover: OCT140953 

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support my friend John Reilly’s new comic Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla. You can buy issue #1 right now on Comixology for only 99 cents! I’ve read a lot of scripts going forward and it’s awesome!

It’s soo cool to see this grow from an idea to an actual physical comic book over the last year. Please help support it by sharing this post!

And go read it now!

Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD]

This looks GORGEOUS!


The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer is here!

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Avenger Age of Ultron Complete Poster!!!

Avenger Age of Ultron Complete Poster!!!

Avril Lavigne fans spent $400 to take insanely awkward pictures with her in Brazil. Apparently Avril has a “no touching” policy… Rihanna however seems like the coolest person ever in comparison. 

But lets never forget the master!

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This is the first time in like 4 years that I haven’t gone to New York Comic Con…

Was WAY too crowded last year. Hopefully they fix that. 

California On Comic-Con 5">