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30 Rock (NBC) – LIKELY RENEWAL: Almost certainly back for Season 7, but that could be its final.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) – RENEWED

Adventure Time (Cartoon Network) – LIKELY RENEWAL: Too big of a hit not to renew, but Season 4 just started.

Alcatraz (Fox) – ON THE BUBBLE: There’s an outside chance this gets renewed.

Allen Gregory (Fox) – CANCELED

Alphas (Syfy) – RENEWED: Season 2 will air this summer.

American Dad (Fox) – RENEWED through the 2012-2013 TV season.

American Horror Story (FX) -RENEWED: Season 2 is expected to premiere in October.

Archer (FX) – RENEWED for Season 4.

Awake (NBC) – LIKELY CANCELLATION: The Kyle Killen drama only stands a chance if NBC wants to fish for award, because the ratings just aren’t where they need to be.

Beavis and Butt-head (MTV) – ON THE BUBBLE: Did well in its return, but is still up in the air.

Being Human(Syfy) – RENEWED for Season 3.

Being Human UK (BBC) – RENEWED for Season 5.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – RENEWED through the 2012-2013 TV season.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO) – RENEWED for Season 3.

Bob’s Burgers (Fox) – ON THE BUBBLE: We’re hoping for a third season.

Bones (Fox) – RENEWED for Season 8.

Breaking Bad (AMC) – RENEWED: There are 16 episodes left, and they’ll likely be split into two seasons of eight episodes each.

Californication (Showtime) – RENEWED for Season 6.

Castle (ABC) – LIKELY RENEWAL: Should be back for Season 5.

Charlie’s Angels (ABC) -CANCELED: Seven of eight episodes aired on ABC, but that last one may never be seen by the likes of TV viewers.

Chuck (NBC) CANCELED/ENDING: Finished its fifth and final season in January.

The Cleveland Show (Fox) – RENEWED through the 2012-2013 season.

Community (NBC) – ON THE BUBBLE: This forecast changes by the week, but the show is currently winning the 18-34 demo on Thursdays, so we’re optimistic.

Conan (TBS)– RENEWED through 2014.


CSI: Miami (CBS) – ON THE BUBBLE: Like a confused college co-ed, this could… go either way. Yeahhhhhhhh!

CSI: New York (CBS) – ON THE BUBBLE: Of all the CSI shows, this one is in the most danger, by far.   

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) – ON THE BUBBLE: As always, it’s up to Larry.

Dexter  (Showtime) – RENEWED through Season 8. Season 7 starts in September.

Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment 23 (ABC) – ON THE BUBBLE: Too early to tell.

Eastbound and Down (HBO) – CANCELED/ENDING: Just finished its third and final season.

Eureka (Syfy) – CANCELED/ENDING: The final season is currently airing.

Face Off (Syfy) – RENEWED for Season 3.

Falling Skies (TNT) – RENEWED: Season 2 premieres June 17, 2012.

Family Guy (Fox) – RENEWED through the 2012-2013 TV season.

The Finder (Fox) – LIKELY CANCELLATION: The Bones spin-off just hasn’t found an audience.

The Firm (NBC) – CANCELED: NBC has been burning off remaining episodes on Saturdays.

Fringe (Fox) – ON THE BUBBLE: It could return for a shortened final season if Fox is nice.

Futurama (Comedy Central) – RENEWED

Game of Thrones (HBO) -LIKELY RENEWAL: As certain as Joffrey is a jerk.

Glee (Fox) -RENEWED

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) -LIKELY RENEWAL: It’s just waiting for the paperwork.

Grimm (NBC) -RENEWED for the 2012-13 season.

Haven (Syfy) -RENEWED

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) -RENEWED

Hoarders (A & E) -RENEWED

Homeland (Showtime)  -RENEWED for Season 2, premiering in September.

House (Fox) -CANCELED: The series finale will air on May 21, 2012.

House of Lies (Showtime)  -RENEWED for Season 2.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) -RENEWED

How to Make it in America (HBO) -CANCELED


Intervention (A & E) -RENEWED

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) -RENEWED through 2013!

Jersey Shore (MTV) -RENEWED for Season 6.

Justified (FX) -RENEWED for a fourth season of 13 episodes.

Killing, The (AMC) -ON THE BUBBLE: Backlash from Season 1 could do this in.

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox) -RENEWED for Season 5.

Last Man Standing (ABC) -ON THE BUBBLE: Started great, but now… not so much. Still, probably good enough for renewal.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC) -LIKELY RENEWAL: This should be back.

League, The (FX) -RENEWED: New season coming this fall.

Louie (FX) -RENEWED: New season starts this summer.

Luck (HBO) -CANCELED: Three horse deaths does not a renewed show make.

Napoleon Dynamite (Fox) -LIKELY CANCELLATION

New Girl (Fox) -RENEWED

Nikita (CW) -ON THE BUBBLE: It’s as on-the-bubble as on-the-bubble can be.

 Nurse Jackie (Showtime) -ON THE BUBBLE: Currently in Season 3.

Office, The (NBC) -LIKELY RENEWAL: But should it? There’s also talk of revamping it or spinning it off.

Once Upon A Time (ABC) -LIKELY RENEWAL: This show is almost certain to return.

One Tree Hill (CW) -CANCELED: The series finale aired on April 4.


Parking Wars (A & E) -RENEWED

Parks and Recreation (NBC) -LIKELY RENEWAL: This will be back. Don’t worry.

Portlandia (IFC) -RENEWED for Season 3.


Revenge (ABC) -LIKELY RENEWAL: This is one of ABC’s new surprises and it should most certainly be back for more.

Ricky Gervais Show, The (HBO) -RENEWED: Season 3 to air soon.

Ringer (CW) -LIKELY CANCELLATION: It’s looking less and less likely.

River, The (ABC) -LIKELY CANCELLATION: We’d be awfully surprised if this came back.

Shameless (Showtime) -RENEWED for Season 3.

Shipping Wars (A & E) -RENEWED

Simpsons, The (Fox) -RENEWED through the 2014-15 season.

Skins (E4 Network)  -CANCELED: There will be no Season 8.

Smash (NBC) -RENEWED for Season 2.

Sons of Anarchy (FX) -RENEWED for Season 6.

South Park (Comedy Central) -RENEWED

Southland (TNT) -LIKELY RENEWAL: This is rumored to be very close to renewal.

Spartacus (Starz) -LIKELY RENEWAL: What would Starz be without blood, sex, and bloody sex?

Storage Wars (A & E) -RENEWED

Storage Wars: Texas (A & E) -RENEWED

Supernatural (CW) -LIKELY RENEWAL: It’s looking good..

Survivor (CBS) -RENEWED

Teen Wolf (MTV) -RENEWED: New season starts this summer.

Terra Nova (Fox) -CANCELED

Top Chef (Bravo) -RENEWED for Season 10.

Touch (Fox) -ON THE BUBBLE: This one could go either way, really.

Treme (HBO) -RENEWED: And might get a fourth season too.

True Blood (HBO) -RENEWED: Season 5 coming this summer, and Six is almost a certainty.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) -LIKELY RENEWAL: Slipping, but it’s still Two and a Half Men.

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse (TBS) RENEWED for 35 more episodes.

Ugly Americans (Comedy Central) -ON THE BUBBLE: Could go anyway.

Vampire Diaries, The (CW) -LIKELY RENEWAL: This is as safe as safe gets.

Walking Dead, The (AMC) RENEWED: And this time it will be 16 episodes long.

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) RENEWED: New season coming this summer.

Weeds (Showtime) RENEWED: New season coming this summer.

Whitney (NBC) -LIKELY CANCELLATION: Our prayers are almost answered.

Wilfred (FX) -RENEWED: New season starts this summer.

Wipeout (ABC) -RENEWED

Workaholics (Comedy Central) -RENEWED: Season 3 starts in May.

Best Finale Ever!

I need to catch up on Fringe, Luck, Eastbound & Down and finish Dance with Dragons tonight!

I can do it!

‎”I feel like my life is requiem for a dream… and I have front row tickets to the ass to ass scene” —Kenny Powers
Watching Eastbound & Down because it’s the greatest show ever created.

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Greatest moment in television history!">