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Japan Has Invented A Space Cannon:

The space cannon is to be mounted on the Hayabusa-2 vehicle, which will carry it to the asteroid, which orbits between Earth and Mars. This is essentially a kinetic impact weapon that relies on an explosive charge to launch a 4lb slug into the surface. The spacecraft will release the weapon, allowing it to float downward while it takes cover on the opposite side of 1999JU3.

This is.. Japan World Cup 3


Angel Series by Seifex (Part 1 / Part 2)

I need to watch this series again for the 100th time. 

A Hyper-Realistic Archery Simulator

What if…

What if the US, Israel, UK launch an attack on Syria. Unknowingly kill a Russian diplomat who was visiting. This drags Russia into backing the Syrian forces with air support. China stays out of the fight. But now with Russia and the US occupied in proxy war China takes advantage and launches a surprise naval attack on the The Senkaku Islands taking them from Japan. Japan launches a counter attack with the help of US forces. North Korea sends hundreds of thousands of troops into South Korea to “Unify” the country. Iran ramps up their nuclear program and Israel, in return launches an attack on multiple locations in Iran. 

World War 3.

(Not going to happen. But what if…)

Hayao Miyazaki’s new film, The Wind Rises, about the inventor of the Japanese Zero Fight Plane has people calling him both a “Traitor to Japan” and a “Celebrator of Imperial Japan”

I can’t wait to watch it!

Cutie And The Boxer Official Trailer (2013) - Painting Documentary HD

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