FX Renews ‘Wilfred’ & ‘Louie’ & ‘Sunny’
Comic-Con Highlights!
  • A Golden Treasury of Photos from Day 1 of Comic-Con. [Uproxx]
  • Comic-Con Bingo card. Weird, there’s no square for “inhaler.” [Gamma Squad]
  • Recap of the “Archer” panel. “Danger zone!” [HitFix]
  • Recap of the “Game of Thrones” panel. There’s some cool news about coming seasons (without getting into spoilers). [TV Line]
  • Hot Cosplay Girls of Comic-Con: Day 1. [ScreenJunkies]
  • Interview with Peter Dinklage about “Game of Thrones.” [EW]
  • Sexy lady Chewbacca. Not TV-related, but worthwhile. [BuzzFeed, pictured at right]
  • Interview with “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman about the coming season. [EW]
  • Recap of the “Wilfred” panel. Some cool insights into the effort the creative team puts into the character of Wilfred. [HitFix]